If a guy says he's not ready for a relationship , can he change his mind?

so I've been seeing this guy for a couple of weeks and I think he is great. On our first date we went out for lunch and we enjoyed each other's company so much that it turned into a movie and dinner, then just stayed up talking until midnight. we continued to see each other almost every day from then spending long lengths of time together talking. we went out for dinners , lunches. on one of our dates he made me this a picnic and took me to this beautiful park with a waterfall for swimming. we spent an entire weekend together and invited me on a boat with his mum and her bf to go snorkling on some islands. we have fooled around together a bit but I have not had sex with him. we are both really into each other. this morning we where talking about relationships and he told me he was not ready for one as he had a really bad breakup a few months ago. he said he does really like me and enjoys my company, wants to keep seeing me, isn't seeing anyone else at the moment etc. but wishes he had met me in a few months when he has been able to find himself again (they where together 4 years). i really like this guy because we have so much in common and he treats me really well. we can talk about anything. my question is do I continue to date him and see where it goes or cut my losses? also should I sleep with him? he told me that he could want a girlfriend in the future but he can't promise me anything. says he thinks I'm an amazing girl and thinks I would make a good girlfriend but wants to make sure.. I don't know what to do :(


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  • Why buy the cow when you get the milk for free my girl wouldn't have sex until after we were official not saying it's the only reason I'm with her but it definitely gave me a motive!

    • where you the same, not ready for a relationship?

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    • This was very helpful, thanks. I will try my best to hold off on the sex.. it's not going to be easy though because we are so attracted to each other.

    • I know that feeling haha Goodluck!

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  • yeah but it will take some time


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  • I think that sleeping with him will only complicate the situation more. I'm in a very similar situation and am sleeping with the guy that I'm seeing, but I think if I wasn't that my decision would be easier to make. Do what you think will truly make you happy. Even if that means waiting it was it for a while.

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