Girl code? What counts as a violation?

One of my friends was talking about a "girl code violation" - Girl A couldn't date Guy A because he'd dated Girl B. I'm assuming this is to save Girl B from heartache, but I'm curious about this.

- How long do Guy A and Girl B have to date for it to be a violation for Girl A? Does it have to be an official relationship? Or would one date count?

- Is there a statute of limitations on it? What if it was a long time ago? Does that matter?

- Online dating. A lot of people are going on casual dates with a lot of people. Even in big cities, this could mean a guy matches up with a couple of friends. Would this count as a violation of girl code.

Just curious but any help would be nice.


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  • I don't really see it as "girl code", but there are some things I just wouldn't do. Dating or sleeping with an ex of one of my friends, or a guy a friend of mine's interested in, for example. Even on a smaller scale, if I know a guy was out with my friend last week, and then asks me out, that's also not happening unless she's definitely not interested, and wants me to go. My friends have the same perspective. It's often more about respect than heartache I think.

    • Would you go out with a guy if your friend went on one online date with him a year ago?

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  • If girl a and b are friends then you just don't date the guy your friend dated. If they went on one date and girl a told girl b she had no attraction to him then it's ok but if they had a relationship he's off limits. Unless in a rare occasion there really is such an attraction and love with girl b and the guy then girl a should only care that her friend is happy and let it be.


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