How to get closer to someone like this?

I'm not very experienced when it comes to guys so I kinda need help...
This guy is kinda mean, but sometimes he's really nice and I think the mean part of him is a shell.

I've been quite interested in him and he's shown interest in me but then he quickly shuts it off and he's an asshole again.

How do I get closer to someone like this?
Sorry for my little detail, I'm not sure what to put


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  • Are you kidding me... why would anyone want to get close to someone who can be an asshole to them anytime.

    Find a guy who can be pleasant and treat you with kindness all the time. Less drama, less headaches!

    • I've honestly noticed this in the past couple weeks and have a sweet boyfriend now ^_^ yay me for growing up.

    • Good for you... there are a lot of women out there that feel they have to settle! Best thing you can do is find the person that treats you well and stick by them! Don't put up with someone's bad attitude.

  • Is the true self the prince or the beast? He is both. You will probably never be able to banish the beast completely.

    If you want to keep it at bay, try to work out what causes him to change into that mode.

    Stress and general fatigue is a possible cause. If this seems to fit, try to keep him calm, well rested and well fed, and see what happens. Don't make any sudden movement of character.

    It could be trust issues. It could be many other things. Your quest may prove impossible.

    • Problems at home, It becomes when he meets new people and when people do things like cursing etc etc

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    • You could :-)

      With his consent. In moderation. Domestic violence isn't the best idea.

    • Hey guess what? He gave me permission so I beat the shit out of him the whole time I wasn't online!!! And I get to do it again next week!!!

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