Hey Americans! I need your opinions here. Please help?

Do you ever get attracted to a girl who has darker skin, long curly black hair, and physically fit. So I'm talking about a girl of different races (Asian).

I'm a filipina and I'm meeting an American guy soon. I met this guy in an online dating site 5 days ago. We are in the stage of "getting to know each other" still as we only just met. His profile said his visiting the Philippines (my country) in mid January. We're sending messages, we have common interests and find each other interesting. He told me he sent me a message co's I look like one of her filipina exes. After a couple of messages sent and received he clicked the "show interest" button on my profile. He also told me I speak English quite well.
He's very attractive and he's so aware of it. He even told me he's more attractive in person.

His height is 175cm (5'9), weight is 77kg (150 lbs). He's got blue eyes, body type is athletic.

My height is 5'3, weight is 88 lbs. Slim body type. I have a brown skin and a long curly black hair. You can look at my dispay picture here.

I don't know how to act in from of him. Like what should we do together? I know I should be just myself but I don't know if he can like me. I'm very talkative but what are the possible topic we shall be talking about? Do you think I'm attractive? Do Americans find me attractive? Just need your opinion. Please don't be rude, your opinions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

by the way, this will be his first visit in the country.


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  • Just from your profile picture, I can say that, yes, you are an attractive woman. You don't need to worry about anything on that front. :)

    Have you engaged in video chat with him yet? If not, I'd strongly recommend it as part of getting to know each other. The woman I'm seeing is currently in Turkey, and we have not yet met in person, but we've been finding ways to do the kinds of things people in a relationship ought to be able to do together. Like cooking. She's even teaching me some of her mother tongue.

    What you choose to do when you meet in person will depend heavily on your interests. He will be completely new to your culture, and I'm sure he'll be interested to learn. You should have no shortage of things to introduce him to. One discussion she and I had was what we would do with each other if we had each other in our respective cities for one day. Plan a hypothetical date. You may be surprised what you come up with.

    I'm new to this as well, and I can only hope this post was helpful. I wish you luck.


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  • Just try to relax and show him around your hometown. You look fine to me. Tell him something about your country.

    As far as white guys attracted to Asian women, there are plenty of them here.


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