I don't know what to do now?

Okay so, I've been dating my boyfriend for a year now and there are somethings that i'm questioning about the relationship. When we first started dating he wouldn't communicate as much and I would get him to try to open up but on the other hand I introduced him to my friend but I was new to the school and my friend and him had the same lunch period. so they started to get really close and she asked him to go get her a tampon and he went to go do and she also called him out of the classroom to talk to him while me and him were presenting a project together and then I told him that i didn't like that. Months later after we graduate his friend invites him to a party and he wants me to go with him so I go and his friend that invited him to the party starts flirting with him right in front my face then after that he gives another girl his number but he said he didn't want to be he did anymore because. he was bothering her but blocked her number after she text him. Then after that, he had me on speaker at his job were his other co-worker could hear what I conversation was about and she was trying to talk to him on break while he called me on the phone at the same time. Now, I have told him that our communication needs work and then he just ignores me while he's mad and doesn't talk to me until he feels like it and i'm just wondering, should I keep holding on?


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  • You have a flirtatious bf... Talk to him explain him that his actions hurt you and if he wants to be with you things need to change and he needs to stop flirting around

    • You think I should just give it up? I feel as though I'm fighting for his attention and that's not a good feeling and I tell him this and then it happens a couple months down the road or either he ignores me when he's mad.