Should I confront him, bring it up or let it be?

Long story short, my boyfriend and I were supposed to hang out yesterday and I would meet him at his job. He texts me what time I would be there, and I simply told him that I don't know but that it shouldn't concern you since I'll be there. He starts to get snappy and began making smart ass comments. I pointed out his attitude. He tells me he doesn't have an attitude, and warns me to keep pushing it and I'll get one. I laughed. He tells me don't bother showing up. He doesn't text me all day. I text it before going to bed as a way to maybe tall about it, but doesn't respond. After waking up, he asks like nothing happened. I don't know if I should go to his job to confront him, call him later or just let it be. I feel wronged, and we haven't seen reach other in a while. The day he decides to cancel plans is the day we have one chance to hangout.

Sorry for the typos, by the way.


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  • this is a weird situation. it seems petty. talk to him but don't make a bigger deal than what it already is.

    • Yeah, I'll try. Only if he doesn't blow it out of proportion.

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    • well when a guy is in this state, best to give him time to cool down. he's only thinking off of angry right now.

    • Yeah, you're right.

  • Confront this.


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