Guys In Their Early 20's Would You Date A Girl In Her Mid 20's?

So I think it might be less awkward if I dated younger guys because the guys my age are way too experienced for me. I did not date in high school or college. I have just started. Physically I look 16 and mentally I probably seem teenaged as well. I am also most attracted to more of a baby face on a guy. I have seen guys as old as 30 with baby faces still but they are more common on younger guys obviously.

Girls in your mid 20's to late 20's have you dated younger guys? What was your experience?

Guys in general, would it be off putting if you think you're dating a girl you assumed to be 18 and then she reveals she's much older than that?


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  • The question isn't would we , but the question is... why wouldn't we?

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    • I thought guys like to be the older one

    • If I say some of the man doesn't want to be the older one , I'd be lying.
      The fact is it depends on how much of the guy's heart is occupied by ego and how much by love.
      If it's all ego , he'll want to be the older one , the more educated one , the more skillful one , the smarter one , the bigger one and the stronger one with the woman having no other alternative by him to rely on survival.
      If it's love , he won't care.

      Personally I don't care as long as it's not creeping into the domains of necrophilia Louie CK with Joan Rivers style.

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  • no it wouldn't be off putting. it would be exciting fosho.

    • Well I dated a 30 year old recently. He assume I was barely legal and he couldn't get over it when I told him I was 25. He kept repeating "I can't believe you're 25" and "you don't look 25". He also seemed less interested in me. Luckily I was not that interested in him but I still feel embarrassed somehow.

    • nah don't feel embarrassed. i think its fine really.

  • I can't imagine why I wouldn't honestly.

    • I thought it might be awkward. A 25 year old girl who has way less experience than a guy in his early 20's

    • Well I have next to zero experience anyway so it's fine. Even if I did, it wouldn't change anything.

  • yep. I am 23 and most people guess 10 more. it wouldn't even look weird :-)

  • OK be ready on 17 the January, 5 pm at some cafe...;)

  • I would, but I'm 36 :P


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