Why is she so up and down?

Why work crush has a boyfriend but we have been back and forth up and down for like 2 years. It's almost like a love hate thing I believe. We will talk and be close for a stretch, then not be, mostly because I ignore her from time to time because it's well, annoying. We used to talk all the time, I started ignoring her and found out she had gone to my buddy for attention and was talking with him all the time like she did with me. This didn't really happen for until after her and I had been talking for like 6 months.

Anyways sometimes she's nervous around me sometimes she's not, which I don't get.

Last week she walked by as I was talking to another girl and as soon as I was about to make eye contact with her she looks down immediately and walks by. Like avoided eye contact for some reason. Then at night she takes the stairs and I take the elevator. An older girl gets on with me, I'm naturally flirty so when the doors open we get off kind of laughing and joking she walks by. The other girl is still kind of talking to me and my crush like pauses and holds the door open for me as the other girl is walking you the other door to go the other way. Now I'm following my crush the other girl is still talking to me as she's heading the other way. My crush walking ahead of me not talking or slowing up to talk which was awkward. I finally say "dang this weather stinks" she says "I know" without really turning around. Then she finally turns to be conversational, but she doesn't really make eye contact or smile. It was weird, then she says "where is my car?" and I say are you lost? and start laughing she says have a good night.

Then today we arrive at the same time and she's talking to me before I'm even out of my car. I hold the door open for her, no thank you from her. We take elevator up she's looking down at the floor, she's kind of shy. She's conversational this time though. asks about my weekend. I don't understand her
Why is she so up and down?
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