My bf has mentioned that he noted that the other guys have rings on their fingers and he's the only one who doesn't have one?

I've known my man for 2 years prior to starting to date him and he's mentioned he notices a lot of good qualities and enjoys spending time with me. overall we get each other on a mental level , and we get each others jokes, sense of humor. we can crack up laughing and no one gets it. that's important for me. of course we're opposites in some areas. he's more of a business type person, and i'm more of the caring motherly person due to my type of work. a few nights ago, he mentioned that he had noticed that all the other men were talking about their kids at the gym/ steam room. he looked down on his finger he said and noticed he had no ring and he told me he felt like it's about time, not that it's a bad thing, he has a girl in mind but he said she doesn't know and he mentioned my one of my names (I have two names like Mary-Anne etc) should I expect a ring? or is he just joking? haha I'm not sure if he's joking? lol. please let me know. of course I have feelings for him. and we always have fun together...


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  • okay im not saying I know it all but I go to the gym a lot and talk to several people there and the guys don't ever mention their kids. maybe he's just saying that to hint at you or something.

  • its time
    be prepared the question is round the corner


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