What does she mean by "we'll see"?

I met a girl a few days ago, we talked, I got her number, and also asked if she wanted to go for a coffee. She looked down blushing and said "sure". However i texted her today and asked her if she wanted to go for coffee soon and she said "well see". I made a joke about that meaning no and she said "haha that doesn't mean no, it just means well see"
What does this actually mean? We got on really well when we spoke and she seemed to like me. Should I text her back or leave it? So confused, and she is a really nice person so i dont want this to slip away


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  • Its 50/50. She might be teasing you and make you nervous about what she'll decide lol

    • It sucks, i hate people playing games, life is too short for that, time is precious

  • See when she has the time. It may mean. Or could be a brush off

    • Should i reply? What should I say?

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    • there's decent girls out there :) good luck

    • Thanks :)

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