Long distance... friendship?

I've been seeing a guy for 6 months but he's moving for graduate school in another country. When we started dating we agreed that we would see each other up till the time he leaves. We didn't expect to fall in love, but we did. He moved, we kept to our deal but he hasn't texted me once since he left. No contact, nothing. The last time I saw him was at the airport and he texted right before take off. Then nothing. Why wouldn't he text? Tell me he landed? I know he's been texting his family, his sister mentioned it. I know we agreed that the relationship would end but we also said we would stay in contact. It was his idea not mine. He even said he wishes I could go with him and it is really difficult leaving me. Should I text him or give him space? It's a complicated relationship and I don't know how to navigate from what we had to something else. Advice?

At the same time I can't imagine how he could completely ignore someone he had such strong feelings for. I know I can't go without speaking to him. Should I text him or give him space?


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What Guys Said 1

  • maybe he is trying to avoid you because he has feelings for you and knows that long distance is hard

    • I have feelings too, but he can't even muster up a "hey, I landed safely" ? Should I text him? or give him space? To be honest I'm a little pissed

    • well u have every right to be pissed
      and yeah yu shoudl text him and tell him that you are pissed

What Girls Said 1

  • He at least should've let you know he arrived safely. Sheesh. I feel like if you really loved someone no amount of distance could keep you from being in contact with them. I would text him just off the fact that you haven't spoken to him since he took off on a plane. That could and should be your opening.

    • Exactly my thought! He could have at least texted me when he landed. I'm half pissed off half upset. I guess I will but a part of me still wonders if I should just wait for him to text me when he's ready?

    • And what if he never does?