Did he ever really like me?

me and this 18 year old guy met randomly back in Jan 2009...we exchanged phone numbers and hugged each other...everyday we were chatting on msn & we added each other on Facebook...he was telling me that he really likes me a lot and that I have a great personality & a nice figure, but then at the same time he was asking me what I think about sex b4 marriage...and he was saying that he`s not just after sex (he also wants a relationship with me), but that he would like to have sex with me when I`m ready one day...

But every time we were supposed to go out, hewas canceling on me...then finally we saw each other twice back in April..we were hugging & kissing & we got along well with each other...and he was telling me that he really likes me and that I have nothing to worry about...at the same time though he was telling me that he wants to have sex with me on the 1st date...we still continued talking,etc...then in June 2009 he says he suddenly lost interest in me...now I see him with a chubby ``colored`` girl..he even went to the movies with her- something he never did with me !

Did he ever really like me.. ***tears***


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  • First of all the one word that jumps out at me is "coloured" and that sounds kind of racist. Because I'm colored too and I want to be liked...Anyways you probably meant that she's chubby, black, and not as good looking as you. Anyway, you didn't let the guy hit it which is why he dropped you. Any guy who mentions sex that frequently obviously has an alterior motive. He just wanted to fuk the schitt out of you which is probably what he's doing to that "coloured" girl and that chubby big butt. He probably did like you, but he's not genuine enough of a guy to leave sexy out of the picture. Any guy who says, "I want to fuk on the first date" is not worth keeping around. The most I've ever told a girl on the first date was that I wanted try a kiss. That's really all that he should be looking for...maybe even a blowjob, but sex...you'd be a tramp to oblige his request. I know you feel for this guy but there are a thousand guys out there who better than him. And you may think, "yeah right whatever, I don't care, I like this guy." But you'd like these other better guys even more because they won't talk to you just to get a piece of your azz which is why this guy talked to you.

    • Ya that's what I meant...hes a nice good-looking european guy & i`m a nice good-looking european girl, so I`m surprised how he jumped from me to her!!!!!

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  • No, I'm so glad you didn't sleep with him. He's an ass, he just wanted to f*** you.

    Good girl for not letting him.

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