Shy guy asked me to hang out after a month of no contact, is he worth it?

Since October, there's this shy guy that i think still likes me, but the only thing that threw me off is that he doesn't talk to me outside of when we used to see each other (once a week)... so like he never really texted me, no fb, nothing. A few weeks after we actually said words to each other, and him offering to drive me home, staring/smiling at me, saying hi... he kissed me at a party (but i wasn't sure if he liked me or not so i broke it off). Neither of us has brought up the kiss since.

We'd go weeks without seeing/talking to each other due to exams or breaks (i'd go back home), and then when i would see him once a week... he'd be the same.. but at that point i was confused and got really awkward around him, so i'd avoid eye contact, get quiet, and just didn't do anything. Then after a month of no contact, he messaged me saying that he thought of me and that we should hang out soon.. but that was two weeks ago and i haven't heard from him since.

I stopped texting him bc in he beginning when we first met, he'd always stop replying randomly and never continued the conversation.

Should i just message him to hang out? Or should i just let this go?


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  • "... he'd always stop replying randomly and never continued the conversation."

    Shouldn't waste your time on someone who's seemingly unsure of what he wants.

    Ultimately, it's up to you, though.

    • I don't think he's much of a texter though. Whenever I was with him, he was never on his phone and he usually forgot it at home. But a few weeks ago, he actually texted me a few times and we carried a god conversation and it was me that would stop replying (conversation just naturally ended). Asides from that texting point, should i still go for it?

    • Couldn't hurt to try.

      If the "process" continues then you should strongly reconsider.

    • yeah, i figured if it dragged on for this long i guess it wouldn't hurt to try. thanks!

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