Well I think I screwed up on behalf of my first potential girlfriend :( ? Please help.. I am lost?

I have liked a particular girl for many years now... we are both in highschool and she is one year younger and behind me in a grade level... im a junior. School started in August spmetime and it took me up some time to work up the gumption to talk to her... lets say about three weeks. Once I did I would ramble on about stupid stuff and get littpe to no chatter from her... I didn't flirt with her whatsoever and feel like I majorly screwed up.. neverr asked for her #... maybe a month into talking to her one of our mutual friends asked her what she thought about me and here's what I heard... she basically said im pretty cool but "ramble" about weird things... she would like to get to know me.. a few weeks later I started talking to her less because I didn't feel confident in my endeavor and eventually quit for about a month and a half... I felt a vibe but im lost.. I had a quick on the go convo with her as we was switching classes the other day... well I seen her reflection in the door and waited fof her to get to it to open it for her... but nevertheless I know she liked me... I wanna say she still does but still feel like she doesn't.. how woupd I correct my mistake? How would I fix this?


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  • Actually in the crucial point of the potential relationship you did what you shouldn't have done. She wanted to get to know you, this was your chance. Now you must start talking to her again, and honestly, I think that you should tell her the truth about the reason that you stopped talking. Then, start over.

    • Do you think that there is a possibility that I can turn this around or what? Should I write her a letter?

    • Yes, there's always a possibility, principally if you assume your mistakes. A letter? Well, I think that talking face to face will be better.

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  • Can u make this shorter please so I can read it

    • a TLDR would be nice hahaa

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    • How would you describe a cute guy? I feel like the ugliest fella in the us about now

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  • Just ask her out.

    She's not your dream girl she's just some cute girl you don't even know that well. If you two aren't compatible, you're not missing out on anything, there are hundreds of millions of cute girls out there.

    Ask her out. NOW. DOOOOO EEEET