Girls, would you be ok with dating a bisexual guy?

I'm bisexual and usually that hasn't proved an issue in the dating part of my life but a while back I told a girl that was obviously into me and that I was into that I'm bisexual.
She was very taken back and since we weren't dating at the time she didn't really talk to me that much after that day

Mostof my friends know I'm bi and are supportive and the girl I like presently also knows and is supportive

But my question would most girls care if their soignificant other is bisexual?

Just because I'm bi doesn't mea that there is more competition
It just means that I can feel more attracted to both genders
I fall in love the same amount of times as any other guy
Theonly difference is that it could sometimes be to a guy or to a. girl
Besides I can assure anybody that I would never cheat
I would break up with them before I did that
I was cheated on and it is literally the worst feeling there is
So assuming you trust your bf not to cheat
Would you date him?


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  • First I would be worried if you were really bi or just on your way to being gay completely. That would be my biggest concern since I noticed bis eventually pick one side and stay there. But if you assure me that you're attracted to both sexes EQUALLY than no, whatever, if I trust you not to cheat than I believe you wouldn't do it with a boy OR a girl. ;)


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  • Yes, I would be okay with that. My bf is bisexual and I don't care in the slightest. Sure my insecurities might come into play sometimes, but I squash them as soon as they do come.

  • I don't know about "most girls" but I wouldn't care.

  • Honestly yeah. Like it's more competition first of all and you worry they'll get bored of your genitalia and other things like that

  • Yes I would care. I honestly wouldn't be comfortable with it because if you were my bf, you could not only cheat on me with a girl but you can cheat on me with a guy and that feels worse.


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