So I think I might have fallen in love with a friend, what should I do?

We get along amazingly, and I have been friends with her for a few years. however I recently have found that whenever I think about my future she is there with me. However she is an awesome friend and I don't want to lose that friendship.
The bigger problem is that she went back to grad school yesterday, and that is about a 5 hour drive away, and I probably won't see her in person until her spring break, if not summer, I just want some advice

If it's relevant, I am actually pretty good friends with her parents as well.


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  • Tell he over a phone call how you feel. Tell her everything.

    • shouldn't I be saying that sort of stuff in person?

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    • I think you should say it in person!

    • You said she moved 5 hours aways. I was going off that. But yes, in person is best

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  • your 5 hours apart not much you can do here

  • I was in the same spot as you... there is nothing you can do about it.

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