Would you stick with a girlfriend who played headgames?

I don't think she is cheating and we are long distance just right now but I won't get a message from her for a week. She told me straight up she sucks at this stuff and being a girlfriend. She will get really emotional messy sometimes and then act like nothing happened. On eminute she was telling me I'm not putting enough effort the next she is nudging me off saying I'll talk to you later. She is fucking confusing.


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  • :/ she sounds really insecure

    • I don't know how I should break it off

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    • No I had another question in more detail. Lol a week is extensive lost at a response right now.

    • I was gonna be like wth I just talked to u like everyday. that's not what u said yesterday Lol sorry. Yeah😞 I'm just a little crazy about my man in the most healthiest way

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