What should I do about girl, and how to not give friend vibe?

I have been "dating" this girl for about 1 month. We have been out on 8 or so dates and enjoyed each other's company.

She slept over at my place around 4th date, but we didn't have sex. I feel kind of stupid for not trying it I guess, but I wanted to make sure I liked her before getting into that.

Anyways fast forward a few weeks to now. We live 45 min away from each other, so it has been hard to hang out, and she lives with her parents as well.
She kind of backed off a few days ago after talking about where we were going with our relationship.. I guess I didn't give her enough details of my past or I didn't open up well enough.
She told me I give her a "friend vibe" a few days later while talking, and that she would be willing to maybe hang out again and see if something is there?

I guess is it weird for a girl to wait so long to say something like this? I mean I felt like things were moving along well. I guess maybe I am not meant for modern dating world.


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  • Honestly sometimes there just isn't a spark. You guys obviously get along great but so do most friends. What do you guys do when you hang out? Maybe the next time you meet, you should do something romantic/spontaneous and not something you'd do with your friends. Flirt! Just because you've been on a couple of dates it doesn't mean you should stop flirting it's fun and sets up a "non-friend vibe". Also, maybe you could talk to her see if you guys want the same thing. Maybe she wants a relationship but doesn't want to get serious too quick.

    • didn't you read his thing she spent the night at his place women don't do that unless they're willing to have sex with a man.

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    • Actually girls do spend the night even if they don't want to have sex. Cuddling is a thing but it is also possible that she did want to have sex with him but was too shy to initiate it.

    • Eye contact and body contact always get me. When you kiss her grab her hair or waist and pull her close. Don't be timid. If you guys have to stay indoors put a movie on, hopefully when your parents arentaround, sit next to her and get a plate of food for you guys to share, possibly some alcohol. Compliment her if you're not much of a flirt. If it's cold it's the perfect excuse to hold her. Just casually ask her if she's cold and hug her.

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  • Dang I think you're ass is too damn late you fucked up big time bro. She was willing to spend the night at your place no women ever in their life would spend the night at a man house if she is not willing to sleep with him HELLA EPIC FAILED YOU DIDN'T MAKE YOUR MOVE SO YOU GOT FRIEND ZONE. SHE'S DONE. DANG WTF IF THAT WAS ME I'LL BE TAPPING THAT SHIT ALL NIGHT LONG.

    • haha no shit dude.. I have hooked up with chicks on 2nd date.. but I actually wanted to get to know her before doing the deed. By the way.. Caps locks are unnecessary.

    • My bad bro but dang well find a way to get her attention back

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