Are there guys that like girls that are intelligent with good personalities, even if they are not that pretty?

I am not ugly, but I am not drop dead gorgeous either. I am kind of plain looking, with a few nice features (blue eyes). I am pretty smart (Honors and As student) and people say that I am super nice. On this site, it seems as if all guys care about are appearances. Are there any guys that mostly care about personality and intellect?


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  • Guys won't really care how smart you are, good personality helps. But that depends on what you think is a good personality, I say just make sure a guy can tolerate your presence, and you should be fine. You'd be surprised how far being likeable will get you.


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  • Yes, I do a lot. Honestly I prefer to be in a relationship with a smart girl. I don't like dumb ones

  • Shockingly yes some guys do go after personality/intelligence.


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