Say I was your brothers friend. Weird or no?

Say I was your brothers friend and you've basically known who I was your whole life. But recently I started hanging out with your brother more and more. What If you found out that I'd grown an interest in you? Would it be weird? Or would it be ok?

I'm 1 1/2 years older than the girl im talking about and I don't feel weird at all. We both like the same things, we can carry a conversation. We both have the same attitude on life. Whenever I see her I can't tell whether she's into me or she's just being nice. Would it be weird If you found out that I like you/interested in you or would you totally be into it and it'd be ok. (Sorry if this was confusing to read, my head is a bunch of jumbled words)


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  • I'd be up for it. I'd 1) be flattered and 2) give it a try because you never know where things could go. It's more the brother that you'd have to worry about. Would HE be okay with you dating his sister?

    • Umm he's a pretty chill guy and he knows I'm a good guy. We've gone to church together our whole life. So I don't think he would care that much.

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  • I mean obviously it's kind of uncomfortable. But, I'd be flattered and If i really liked him-I'd probably go for it. I guess it depends on if my friend would be ok with that

    • Thanks for the reply! How should I go about it. Should I tell her first? Her brother? Or one of her friends? We don't text regularly, but we talk a lot when we see each other in person.

    • tell her brother that you like his sister

    • Update just in case you were interested. He thought I would be perfect for her, but funny thing is she wasn't into. So W/E

  • I'd be chill with it as long as he was nice funny and decent looking


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