Is that b*tch seriously jealous?

Bruh. I'm in this relationship with my guy, since about a week ago, and suddenly one of my chick friends be coming up to me like, "hey remember when you helped me try to get him to go to the dance with me?" And I don't actually remember that! And she keeps dropping these little hints, like "I'm not even allowed to poke him anymore cuz he's YOUR man now." Like, how TF do I get her to let me be? She's so annoying! And he's MINE! But she's also my friend and I can't yell at her for this, because she's also his friend, and she will f*cking do ANYTHING to break us up! HELP!


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  • Why is she telling u like that? Is that a guy that she likes before u like him? If not, why is she annoying u by telling those funny words. Maybe she's jealous. Does she always do like that? I mean, did she ever tell like that to u in the past?

    • We started liking him at the same time, but I was way more careful about when to tell him- I played hard to get, I was the sexy one, and he picked me so obviously it was the right tactic. She always used to tell me how much she loved him, but one day (as I just found out) he told her that he loved me, so se should back off. She started hating me, and I didn't even know why! Then when we got together, she and I became friends again, but maybe that's just because she's trying to get in between us? I don't even know...

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    • Thanks, gurl! You totally just made my day!

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  • Burn her house down.

    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂
      You have NO IDEA how much I wish I could!

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  • She doesn't sound like a friend to me. Neither do you sound a good friend to her...

    • That's not the question. I asked how to get her the f*ck off my back. She's not my friend- she's completely fake, and I hate her. If you're not going to answer the question, but rather just rant about some sh*t I already know, don't comment.

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