Would you see a girl that is after you after you slept with her friend as non relationship material/desperate?

My friend seems to be secretly after this guy I have had a thing with and slept with, she knows I still have feelings for him.

I myself never would go after I know who liked someone, let alone sleep with them.

I ended up mentioning this to the guy because I am pissed off about it. Bet he is loving the attention though.

Would you ever see a girl like that long term? I know if she ever did get him she would say she wants sex and then try turn it into a relationship as well.

He said the same thing to me. I walked after that. When I realised he was serious about not wanting anything serious with me.

He says he is not interested in her. They just hang out because of the kids (separate baby mama and dada's) that's it. He just likes her as a person. Blah blah blah.

If she does do that, wondering if she will make a fool of herself or not...

She and I barely are talking now. I think what has been doing, worming her way in is wrong. Lost heaps of respect for her myself.

Still pretty silly dealing with stuff like this at our age. Shakes head.


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  • Id be pissed but at the same time you have no claim on him.

    • I know. He can have anyone else he wants. It's too personal, being her.

      As in barely, we are not talking. Yes I am very pissed off.

    • If he did get with her.

      He would only want sex anyway and she will want more. Just more of a mess regardless. Roll eyes.