How do you know if the woman you have interest in is over her first love?

I recently started dating this woman. She's gorgeous and very interesting, but the downfall is that She got out of a serious relationship about 9 months ago. She dated a guy for about 4 years. She's 22 going on 23. That guy her first for everything but he cheated on her with at least 10 different women and really tore her apart. Since they were planning on getting married. She even found out a forgave him numerous times.

After they finally broke up she went out and found a rebound. They had sex but it never panned out nor was it official. We started dating for about a month. We had sex the first week, and now she told me she loved me but every time I ask about her ex she gets pissed. She did tell me she blocked him but for the longest she would creep on his page. She even tried to sabotage his new relationship which I didn't understand because she got a rebound even before they officially broke up.

Here's my question: Does she actually want to be serious with me? Because it seems like she's one of those women who always wants commitment and it also scared me that she said she loves me only after a month. I really like her. I just don't know what I'm getting myself into. What are you guys thoughts? Anything would help.


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  • She needs more time than she has taken to be with herself, deal with her issues and acknowledge what she is doing, whether that is sabotaging her ex's relationships or her own. I wouldn't expect a relationship with her to work out well anytime soon.


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