Signs you like someone vs. Signs you don't like them anymore?

How can you tell when you aren't interested in the person you like anymore?

I can't decide how i feel about this guy because i haven't seen him in a month, but he asked me a few weeks ago to hang out for the first time (havent heard from him since, been debating if i should message him) and like a part of me is like "i don't think i like him anymore, i dont know what's going on" and the other half of me is thinking about him a lot, almost a few times everyday almost...

Am I just confused because i dont know what's going on with us and because i haven't seen him in a while? Or am I actually losing feelings for him?


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  • Forget about your feelings towards him and just go see the guy. If they come back then hey great if not then boom you got your answer.

    • Alright, that's true. I was thinking about that actually.. i just can't seem to bring myself to ask him when he's free.. since he's the one that asked me to hang out and i haven't heard from him since.

    • Courage is not the absence of fear but acting despite it's presence. Sometimes us guys get scared too a little nudge in the right direction from a pretty girl can do a lot for a guy. Ask what time he's free for that hangout he mentioned before. Quick simple easy. The worst that'll happen is he won't respond or he'll say no. And guess what that doesn't even matter because you didn't even know if you wanted to see him in the first place. Do it. Rejection is rarely about you especially when a person barely knows who you are.

    • That's true... I guess i keep using the fact that i haven't seen him in a month and the fact that we don't talk all that much as an excuse. I guess I'll give it a shot, and see how it goes. Thanks!!

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  • Not interested when you think about them less.


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  • I started to see his flaws and exaggerating it as if he has to be perfect

    • Hmm, that's the thing. I don't know him enough to see his flaws. And, i don't really have him on a pedestal either... but that's a good way to decipher your feelings!

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    • Nope its not easy. Been single for two years now lol. My friends say that its bc i have a high standard. I meant its not wrong to want to be with a guy who's the same level as you are. You'll find one eventually, just gotta be patient. And no i don't approach guys, lots of them approached me but i wasn't really interested in them.

    • Oh really? And yes, i'm still new to it. I'm kind of just trying to go with the flow of things.. but i over think a lot and im not confident so it's hard. But good luck to you :) Hopefully you find someone.

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