Should I ask him on another date? What do you make of the situation? Should I stay distant until I see him or talk to him?

He asked me out on a date and was really persistent about it. We had a lot of fun and he told me he had a good time. There's a lot of attraction between us. We kept talking and I asked if we were going out again and he said he wanted to. He was persistent again and we had a second date a few days later where we just watched movies, chilled and ordered pizza, and had a good time. I met him a year ago (my friends older brother) but we never talked or anything until we hooked up and slept together two months ago and I slept over and we slept together on the second date again. I texted him after he dropped me off after the second date and we talked all day. But he didn't text me for a few days and then I texted him a few days later. We talked briefly. I went back to school after the Christmas break and we're now two hours away from each other. I know its a pretty new, but I thought it went well.

Im seeing him next weekend because it's my friend's (his sisters) friends birthday and were all going out, and staying at his house. How can I start up the convo again etc.. should I? I want to talk to him before I see him. I don't want to come off clingy, I just want to see where things go since we connected. What do you think he's thinking? What do you make of the situation. Should I try asking him out again? It seems he made the first move and waits for me to make the next but is then super persistent.. Im a little confused. Should I stay distant until I see him or talk to him?

Should I stay distant until I see him or talk to him?


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  • You went out AND you had fun I say through caution to the wind and ask this guy out. DO IT DO IT DO IT!!! Stop analyzing cause your not gonna get any closer to the truth about what's going on and honestly things can change in an instant. Don't be scared dadadadooooo iiiiiiittt

    • I am just scared I guess! I have been hurt in the past and have major trust issues.

    • That just means you're human sweetie. Take two unfinished pieces Jam 'em together and try to force them to work and something will eventually break. I have yet to meet a girl that didn't marry her first love that didn't have some kind of trust issue or weird boundary or some F'd up perception about the world. It happens sweetie. It just makes life more interesting.

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  • It's not clingy, so go for it.


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  • If he hasn't made another date then he probably doesn't want to continue. If you've already had sex then maybe that's all he wanted.

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