What's a cute gift I could get my boyfriend?

So my boyfriend's birthday is coming up, ad I have no idea what to get him! What's something cute and sweet, maybe even a little traditional, that isn't extremely expensive (but also isn't extremely cheap) and that would make him smile? This is mostly a question for guys.


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  • A keychain.

  • wake him up with a blow job :)

    • Hah I actually tried that last year and he freaked out. 😂 I took him to a concert but it was kinda eh. I just want to give him a nice gift (other than sex) that will remind him how much I love him.

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    • a sexy picture of you braless but with a shirt that says dubset and you wearing his favorite shoes that you just recently bought from the thrift shop (WITH THE THRIFT TAG! ) and you holding a basketball on one hand all holding a puppy with the other... oh and a nice horizon in the background. They're always nice :)

    • or maybe show him the question you sent on here. Crop it and make it your cover photo haha I don't know just throwing ideas. This one isn't as good but it is nice your really putting thought into it

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