What is going through my girlfriends head?

Known her two years couldn't see her for a full year because of her parents. Saw her first time she couldn't even speak was crying so much. She had to see a therapist forced by her parents. I confessed my feeling as did she. She agreed to move out with me and drop everything for me. Choosing me over her family and friends.

She acts sketchy doesn't really contact too much doesn't share any emotion and acts like she doesn't care. Her behavior began to make me question her trust. She genuinely told me she would never betray me etc . She saw me a little insecure for the first time. She doesn't talk tk me for almost a week at a time. Acts like she doesn't care yet she tells me all these crazy things about me.

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She was always kind of like this but now she will nudge me off saying I'll talk to you later etc .


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  • Not to be the bearer of bad news but chances are that maybe she actual did have problems that she needed professional help with. Her behavior seems to be atesting to that

    • Can you elaborate a little more?

    • Her parents forced her to see a therapist. The therapist talked to her and I assume saw that she had problems and asked her parents to continue the visits.

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