Is it a boyfriends job to entertain his girlfriend?

I've been seeing my girlfriend for about 3 years now. We live separately in smaller-medium size town, but there's not a lot to do in the winter time and we both work full time. I feel like lately all we've been doing is sitting around watching tv and movies or cooking food together. Not that this isn't fun to do together, but it gets boring after awhile. Sometimes we just sit there and ask each other what do you want to do? and we both just answer I don't know. And then I feel a little guilty because I feel maybe its my responsibility for us to do things together other than that. But is it really a guys responsibility to plan and entertain his girlfriend every time they see each other? I could understand up to a year in the relationship, but I feel after that the girlfriend can come up with things too.


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  • It is not your responsibility to entertain anyone. I am not sure why you feel that way


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  • Screw social norms... you guys are together for a reason, and it shouldn't have to be just a man's job to entertain his lady. In the relationship it should be between both you and her. Maybe you guys could go inside camping, surprise her with a massage, and she could do other things as well, karaoke, find a new place to eat.. little things like that.. it may sound childish but it can be fun at times.. maybe roast some marshmellows and sit by the window watch people go by and make a story up about them..


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