What would you want to do on a date?

What would be your ideal date? What would you like for one of the first get to know each other dates? And once you know each other, what would you like for a later date?

My thoughts:
For one of the first dates, I think the zoo, aquarium, paintball, laser tag, rock climbing, or something fun and not a typical dinner date would be super fun. As for a later on date, fishing, shooting range, Netflix, or even one of the ones I listed for first.


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  • Bowling? I like bowling and it beats the "no talking at movies" stuff. I think it'd be fun

    • Haha yeah I hate "dinner and movie" as first date. Bowling is fun, especially cosmic bowling

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    • Looked it up and didn't really find nuthin, but I'm sure there are some. Anyway, in the meantime I guess I'll just have to go wherever it is you do :) maybe we'll even 'cosmically' meet up there. Haha I'm so dumb

    • Hahaha cheesiness is fun

  • Make her pee her pants by dragging her along in this, then eat at the restaurant that's in the middle of no where.


    • 1. Wow, it's pretty looking 2. What about that would make someone pee their pants?

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    • I thought about it, this could be why I don't get anywhere with the ladies.

    • Yeah scaring them probably isn't helping..

  • Gosh, I used to love going to the zoo and getting ice cream and shouting at the animals.

  • Golf, sports, bike, an event, a show, play, convention, gathering of some sort, a view, do what you want to do. Sky dive, zip line, climb, ski, mountain bike down, boat, skate, drive, rest, park, yuck most people are boring.

    • Niceee. Love the adventures. There's so many things that would be fun, people just stick the same things

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