Girls what songs would you like someone to dedicate you?

I asked the girl I like to be my valentine and she said yes. She knows I like her and I'm sure she's starting to like me. So I have the day planned out for Valentine's day and I'm making her a CD of songs to dedicate her.. I have a few good ones but I'm open to suggestions. Thank you!


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  • These are the ones I'd want someone to dedicate to me, hope they help

    Thinking out loud - Ed Sheeran (or any other ed love song, Tenerife Sea, Wake me up, etc)
    Marry me - Train (hmm, maybe not ;))
    Hey there Delilah - Plain white T's
    Rhythm of love - Plain white T's (maybe)


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  • Moon River
    god. such a beautiful song.

  • Yiruma: - Love Me
    - Time Forgets
    - Tears on Love
    - Hope
    - Maybe
    - My Memory
    - When the Love Falls

    Lionel Richie - Endless Love

    Brian Crain - Butterfly Waltz
    - Spring Waltz

    Johann Pachelbel - Canon in D major (do a music box version, it sounds nostalgic and cute)

    Franz Schubert - Seranade

    Ludwig van Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata 1st mvt.

    F. F. Chopin: - Nocturne op.9 no.2
    - Nocturne op. 15 no.2
    - Nocturne op. 32 no.2
    - Nocturne op.48 no.1

    Franz Liszt - Libestraume no.3

    • Awesome! I'll hear them and see which ones I add!.

    • These are mainly instrumentals, but it would be to add some instrumentals because it's more of calming and listening to vocal songs all throughout might be a little tiring to the ears :) Hope I helped!!


    or any song with my name in it tbh

  • Thinking out loud - Ed Sheeran

  • Violin-Amos Lee
    Easy-Faith No More
    It Must Be Love- Chuck and the Jam Band

    Just if you like this type of music:)

  • This is so cute. WWHY CAN'T MORE GUYS DO THIS? I like "For Your Love" by The Yardbirds

    • Thank you :)... taking it back with this song! But it should add some variety to the CD

  • All of me- John Legend


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  • When the postman don't call on Valentine's Day
    And Santa Claus don't come on a Christmas Day
    That umbrella won't work on a rainy day
    Don't ask me, I already know

    When they find you beached on the barrier reef
    And the only pleasure treasured is in map relief
    The choice is yours sure, saint or thief
    Don't ask me I already know

    Yes they baked your cake in little slices
    Kept your eye on rising prices
    Wound up winning booby prizes
    I'm sure you'd like to think you know what life is

    Find destiny through magazines
    Lip-licking, unzipping, Harpers and Queens
    From here to eternity without in-betweens
    Don't ask me, I already know

    With your heart on parade and your heart on parole
    I hope you find a sucker to buy that mink stole
    School for scandal, guess who's enrolled?
    So ask me, I already know

    When they find you beached on the barrier reef
    When the postman don't call on Valentine's Day
    When the only pleasure treasured is in map relief
    When you don't tell the truth, that's the price you pay

    When I'm shaking a hand, I'm clenching a fist
    If you gave me a pound for the moments I missed
    And I got dancing lessons for all the lips I shoulda kissed
    I'd be a millionaire, I'd be a Fred Astaire

  • Think my valentine will like this song? It really expresses my feelings

  • Dead antwoord - I fink u freaky

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