How do you stop getting too attached too quickly?

Every time I date a guy I really like I always end up getting too attached too fast which ultimately makes me look like a crazy woman and scares him away (and just ends up hurting me more then it should). The guys always just end up trying to take advantage of me or lead me on somewhere in the middle of it as well, which is just really frustrating. So, how do you stop getting too attached too quickly?


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  • Damn... I have 5 older brother and they told me everything I need to know and they all agree that needy and overly attached girls are the worst cause they said those girls have low selfsteem and are annoying since they were behind them all the time my brothers ended up hating them and talk shit about them... control yourself there's a book called why mean love bitches read it I recommend it


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  • Be a player. Use them for sex. Holla

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