What do you think is the major factor keeping you from getting a romantic partner?

Is it your looks, your crude immature humor, your inability to handle simple things by yourselves, the fact that you are a complete failure, or just bad luck?

  • My looks
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  • My maturity
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  • My ineptitude
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  • My proneness to failure
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  • My luck
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Well, currently I'm just not quite over my ex. I want to be entirely over him before I consider dating someone new.

    But usually, my biggest problem is how awkward I am. Not only do I not realize when I'm being hit on/flirted with (which means I won't show interest in return), but when I do realize it I get all flustered and awkward, because my brain just shuts off. Some guys don't seem to mind, but it makes it harder to connect with anyone. :/ It's really frustrating, and I've been trying to improve for years, but pretty much no progress has been made.


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What Girls Said 3

  • All of the above?

  • Mine currently is reassurance.

  • Definitely the luck... the guy I like don't like me and the guys whoever tried to date me claiming that they are the right people, never worked out of for me.


What Guys Said 1

  • Well I think luck is that big deal.

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