I feel bad who's in the wrong here?

So me and this girl that likes me met up with some friends on New Years... She came with the friends I came by myself anyways she told me to take her home and everything. Anyways I didn't and she went home with someone else, and slept with them.
Should I be upset at myself Because I didn't take her home or?
Who's in the wrong?
I got very upset at her but she told me the next morning.


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  • It doesn't sound as though it was a Date Mate 'New Years, mustang1998, with you just meeting up with her alone and her being with 'Some friends.' True, you say 'This girl likes me,' but you are Not this item, even dating, nor hooked at the hip as even two birds of a feather.
    When she thought it would be great for you 'Take her home' and you 'Didn't,' Naturally she took up with another finer feathered friend who like her, wasn't Stuck together with anyone else. She has every right to do this, being the situation of you not being a nest together or even being one another's partner who took part in anything but 'Met up with some friends' that nite.
    You can be 'Upset' of course, you are only human with feelings. However, if you really liked her, then you could have taken the bull by your own horns, taken her home and Maybe-----Slept with her or even gotten to know her better.
    Let this be a lesson in life and in love that when you are Not Exclusive nor Official, someone you may like or have in mind to 'Like,' is up for grabs before and even after the clock strikes twelve.
    Now that you are crying like a calf, you have two choices: Either call her and begin your own beguine of dating her or just let sleeping dogs lie and don't cry over spilled milk and keep on going the same as you have been doing With------she told me the next morning.

    Good luck. xx


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  • It sounds like she just wanted to get into bed with someone. I wouldn't beast myself over this. If she really liked you, she wouldn't have slept with someone else. In my opinion, you can do better than her.

  • Why would you be upset?
    She wanted to fuck, practically asked you, you said no so she went on to the next guy. Simple.


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  • no one is in the wrong. you both made your choices and she was just a friend that likes you.