Why hasn't he texted me agaain?

I've been talking with this guy I had a crush on for about 2 weeks. He was very sweet and clearly interested in me when we texted. We had never talked face to face before, but after he had finally asked me a couple of times I went on a date. We talked and in the end we made out. He was sweet and I had a good time. No awkward moments.
One hour later, after the date, he texted me. The conversation was normal but we didn't talk about the date or seeing each other again directly.
It's been 48 hours since he last texted.

Is he going to text me again? Or is this the end of it? How long would you wait to know?


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  • Most girls are the same... Just make out and bla bla bla.
    Hoping there are some decent and pure girls in this life.

    • I'm sorry but you don't really know me. I've liked him for over year and a half and it wasn't because I was desperate. It just happened. Assuming I'm not decent and pure is honestly very rude and if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all.

    • Well i might be a bit rude to you, I'm sorry for that. But that's how the life is...
      There is no many pure people in life.
      And yeah it's your life, i can't stick my nose in to your life.

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  • I wouldn't overthink about this, he might just be busy too. I would wait a few days then try to text him myself. Nothing stops you in making the first step.

    Good luck :)