Why are girls so picky about age?

ok why are girl so picky about age most girls don't older guy older then 3 to 5 years older but most guy dont have a problem dating older women 5 or even 10 + years older


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  • I think girls are picky about age when it comes to younger or the same age because guys mature slower then girls so usually 2 to 3 years older is good but if it's too old then there too mature for you to date them because of lower sex drives different interests etc

    • lower sex drives huh well i am 37 way over weight but i have a sex drives like a steam engine at wide open throttle

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    • i am in to a lot of thing sex related thing to but know one ever asks you just assume all i want is sex with a younger girl

    • i am in to a lot of non sex activities sorry miss typed

  • I think girls have more of a pressure, cause they don't want to look like someone who dates older people.. Like one of my friends dated a guy that was 19 when she was 16, and I was the only one that knew because she didn't want to get in trouble.. There is also a law so that could be why! Underage.. but seeing as you are over 35? Then maybe the lady or girl you like just doesn't want someone older than them. My crush is 1 year older, and there hasn't been any problems.. Hope this helps!

    • i am not saying under age here i am late 30's and i ill talk to a girl in there mid 20's

    • I don't know then.. A lot of women don't really like guys that are a lot older than them.. Although television these days makes it look ok for a 50 year old to be with a 20 year old.. SO I don't know.. If you really like the girl, ask why she doesn't like you..

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  • same reason im picky about age too. well okay when it comes to dating I don't care who I date for what age but if they're out of my list of preference then dating is as far as it'll go.

  • Mostly because highschool age girls normally don't like 35 year old guys. It's creepy.