I'm driving myself absolutely crazy with this guy's behaviour?

To cut a long story pretty short, I met a great guy about a month ago (over the break from our classes) and we hit it off wonderfully. We were seeing each other several times a week, travel to each other fairly equally since we live a distance apart. I met his family, he met mine, physically it's healthy, we've discussed sex openly. There's been times where he texts me multiple times in the morning until the buzzing of my phone wakes me and then continue texting me throughout the day. He's spoken a lot about his future and makes plans with me in it. He's said he doesn't see me going anywhere, which assures me.

Now, we're in our second week back in school and its like he's gone and fallen off the face of the earth. He says he's busy, wants to focus on his studies and fitness but I get zero effort from him. If I text him first, he's not prolonging it or making conversation, so it just dies out. I ask him for maybe 5 minutes of his time since we are on the same campus 3 days out of the week and I can't even get that. He keeps saying he's just really busy. "This week isn't a good one for me." But seriously?

Am I being unreasonable? Like, this happened in the matter of a day. We've had a small disagreement before that we've discussed and both been okay and understanding after, but this was out of nowhere. I'm just so very tired of this with man after man. What's his deal? I get we had no real outside responsibilities before when we met, but still, don't drop me like a hot rock!

I guess my problem is that its really starting to eat away at my esteem, and I'm really afraid of losing him. As much as I hate to admit it... the feeling of vulnerability makes me want to vomit..

I'll also mention that he had just been heartbroken by his ex a few weeks prior to when we first met and I was a confidante to him before anything else started between us. He's not fully over them yet in terms of understanding why they dumped him and is now being told about their current s/o and how great they are. Anger he feels toward them is directed to their poisonous attitude, as well as pointing anger at himself for not being as over it as he'd expect to be or that he feels he should be.


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  • During the break you're finally able to relax with little to no responsibilities, so either he got caught up in the fantasy or the idea of having you in his life and spending time together and nourishing a relationship and realized it actually won't work in reality OR he lost his interest in you.

    In regards to how you're feeling, take your time. You opened yourself up to someone, but theyre not communicating or being honest with you and they left you hanging on empty promises, or expectations if you will. So its completely normal and okay to feel this way. And i know it might sound useless, but try not to let this tear down your self esteem, because even though you opened yourself up HE'S the one who strung you along and hurt you. If anyone's self esteem should be faulty if should be someone who doesn't mind hurting others.


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  • But he's not interested?


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