Ok what do you do if when you ask someone out they get nervous and dumb founded and basically say " uh" what do mean?"?

Not as if they are not interested but as if they are nervous.

How do you deal with the situation and fix the awkwardness?

If they don't undersatnd the first time they won't get it the second time. and if they did get it the first time then why would you repeat it... I don't have the experince or wisdom - dating wise-to figure this out.

How would you fix it?


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  • They aren't sure what you mean.


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  • Uh no, it does mean they're not interested usually.

    • No he likes me.

      Anyhow either way what would you do in that situation? That was the question. How to make it not awkward. Not whether or not he's intersted.

      What do you when...


      What dies it mean when...

      --clear distinction.

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