How to ask out a girl in my class?

I'm a freshman in college and there's this REALLY cute girl in my class. I go to a faster-paced college so we go by quarters, not semesters. Anyway, During my first quarter we had a few classes together and we talked a bit in class but not a whole lot. Second quarter she wasn't in any of my classes and i didn't see her at all around the school. The third quarter just started and i know i have at least one class with her.

That being said, i really wanna talk to her and become friends and hopefully take her on a date (hopefully several if it goes well). I'm really shy so i've never really done this before so i need a few tips. What would be a good way to start a conversation and suggest that we hang out without seeming pushy or creepy?


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  • Mostly just be yourself, because in the end if you act and pretend to be someone you're not, shell find out anyway.

    But getting 'permission' from a girl to kiss her or hold her hand or be a little pushy when asking her out doesn't have to be verbal. Did you know only 6 % of communication is through words? The rest are tone of voice, eye movements, micro-expressions and so on. So look out for body language signs that she likes you, cos chances are she's not gonna be the first one to make a move if she likes you.
    Communicating through body language makes you look more mysterious and hence, sexy, but dont over do it and dont be too nice aka a little pushy but be very respectful!

    • But you need to be less shy, be yourself and SHOW who you are and show that you are proud to be who you are and show that you have self-respect, but dont pretend to be anyone else but you! Just get rid of the shyness! Take a risk and jump right in, maybe you'll fail, but maybe you won't, you never know unless you try!

    • Thanks for the advice! Though the getting rid of the shyness is easier said than done, unfortunately. Whats a good conversation starter though? I mean she sometimes will say something to me but i dont wanna rely on her to start the conversation


      this is a player type, but flirting aka 'playing' is fine so long as the game ends in with her knowing you not a fake version of 'you' and that you actually want a relationship and aren't aiming to break her heart!

      I know I used to be shy, I remember my first crush.. I couldnt look him in the eye without turning red but then I decided to pretend he was my friend not a crush and it worked

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