Internet dating people... What do we think?

I've recently signed up to plenty of fish and ok cupid..

It's all well and good but there's something about it which is abit :/

What are peoples views on the whole thing and have they any (short) story's to share?


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  • It really depends on the site tbh


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  • Okcupid is the better site but, POF is just the worst to be honest but, both have genuine people just ignore the weirdos

  • Remember the less expensive it is, the more strangeness it attracts. Personally, I wouldn’t go on either and this is due to MANY friend’s experience. Not that Match is any better, but it weeds out a few more because there is a cost. Look at it this way, when people have puppies, rescues advise to ALWAYS attach some kind of cost. Not for profit purposes, but because traditionally FREE attracts the weirdos. So, there’s my analogy. I would get rid of both of them.

    • Good point! I have a disclaimer that I send to a girl which is like
      let you know I'm not on here to look for sex or just sex..

      I'm looking for someone I can get to know, treat right and have a laugh with. And see where it leads to :).

      I'm new to this app but I just wanted to let you know cause I guess some guys out there are after just sex and I wanted you to know I wouldn't be messing you about

      I just wanna have a proper relationship and share something with a girl cause I'm frustrated with casual sex and I've never been in a relationship longer than 6 months. I feel like internet dating is forcing a relationship to much :/

    • The last bit after.. I don't send to them I was just explaining to you my situation

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