Guys, what does this dude mean?

I have been talking to this guy who I really don't know for about a week but we have some of the same friends. He has yet to inotiate conversation but he does talk to me all the time if I start it. And he comments and likes almost every Facebook post I have. He asked me a couple days ago, the next time he's off if we can get together and hang out. So I said "sure. I'd like that He said "ok sounds like fun. I have to go into a meeting for work so I'll talk to you later." He still has yet to start a conversation but he comments on my stuff.

Why won't he start a conversation?


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  • he's probably playing it cool with you, making sure he doesn't come off as anything negative.

    • But I agreed to hang out so wouldn't that scream "I wanna talk to you!!" ? Lol

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    • I would tone it down a little on your end, you're making it pretty easy for him, which could be another reason he's not on the same level as you.

    • Alright I can do that. Thanks.

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  • He probably doesn't know how to start off the conversation. Some guys don't, they afraid it might turn you away or lose interest in them by their first text or sentence

    • Well I've had to initiate every conversation and I feel like a major bother!

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