Are there women out there that like to take charge and be the dominant one in the relationship?

Like everyone else, I have been speculating as to what type of women I might like.

I am thinking it might quite a possibility that I like being with a girl that sort of takes charge, initiates a lot of things, dominates and scolds me a bit... I don't know. I feel like I might be drawn to that... kind of like how girls like "bad boys", except they're not really "bad" - they just have an edge and like to be in control.

Are there girls like that out there?


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  • Yes i love to be in charge and dominate a guy. Do you think you could handle it though?

    • I don't know... like I said... it's only speculation... I am going to have to find out through dating and such...

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  • there are some like that yeah.

    @illusive_man what do you think about this?

  • I think you like when girl dominates you there is a girl who like to dominate men that will be your girlfriend what do you want do you like when she twists your hand and dominates you