My boyfriend thinks I am dumb?

I am having issues with school. I don't learn as fast as other kids and it makes me feel bad.
I vented to my boyfriend about how I felt, he told me to remember better :/
I am really pissed off right now. I would expect my boyfriend to treat me better and not say rude things while I am obviously not in the best mood.


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  • Don't know if he thinks you're dumb, but he surely doesn't want to help you with it. You're right, it was expected of him to treat you better and you must tell him that you didn't like what he did when you needed him.


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  • Honestly fuck him... I can't stand when a guy cannot treat a lady right no matter the problems... he should be helping you to better understand the subjects you are struggling in... if he can't love you for who you are, he will never love you


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  • Tell him to douche it down a bit and to be a little more supportive of you. What a butt head.

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