I can't look at my mom right anymore?

I don't know if I'm changing or I'm just looking at my mom all wrong. My mom has cheated on my step dad, that has been in my life ever since I was 2. So basically, my sister and I found out she cheated because she would walk over to my sister and I's friend's house and the friend found out that they were cheating and talking sexually.. Talking about gross. I lost respect in her, and she told me she would not contact him again. Basically she did.. When I drive, she looks at his house and drives. One time we almost hit a parked car because she was looking at his house. Ever since I found out she did that, I got anxiety because people started knowing at my school and called my mom names, and said to my face.. "I'm sorry your mom did that. Is that why you have a different last name to your half sister? Different dads?" It just.. I can't explain..
I got my license today! And I have a boyfriend who is mixed. I was so excited, to just finally see him. Now I can't because my mom thinks he's a bad influence.. She met him once face to face. My taste is mixed guys or any type of race. What is going on with my mom? If I talk about my boyfriend, she goes off. Basically if I see him..
I'm grounded. Is this threatening?


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  • I think you see your mom shouldn't be cheating
    and you want start doing things but she's trying to
    hold you back but if you have a good head on your
    shoulders to practice safe sex and not get into drugs
    or drink you will make it but all of us don't want
    make the same mistakes as our parents did my
    dad and late mom cheated on each other my
    dad he treats people badly me i love people and
    would do anything for others my mom was nice
    but she had her moments and i think your mom
    needs serious counseling.

    • Oh my gosh. I wish I knew. All she does is put me down. Told me I'm not ready for my driving test, when I basically aced my test. I have a good head on my shoulders. I attend school every day. I love people and laughing. I'm just an up going person. I get home, and I feel forced down. I'm only 17, and I get it that she's a mother. But I don't think it's normal for a teenager to hold things and talk to my other relatives about it. Oh my gosh. Even you're a stranger and I feel like I can tell you my problems and not even my mom. When she met my boyfriend, she thinks he JUST wants sex. I talked to my boyfriend about that, and he doesn't because he knows how I'm smart and holding for the future.
      It's just so frusterating. :(

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    • Right! Hey, can you message me for advice and all. I feel like we can relate (Not some form of creepy way) but you are understanding where I am coming from.

    • Thank You :-) Same here if you need talk
      you can message me i am cool !

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  • I don't blame you... she doesn't set a great example to you or other young people... she opens her legs so easily like a lot of other people these days lol, please don't follow in the footsteps of her ever because it will only get you into trouble, stick to your boyfriend but don't do what she does, it makes me sad how parents these days have lost the plot to the point they drink and do stuff around their kids... the street i live in isn't that great ether... there is a prostitue and drug gang in my street and the mothers they prostitue themselves for extra cash.

    Then they drink in front of their kids or come home utterly plastered but even when they are sober they swear at them going "Fucking get in, get the fuck in you little shit" i just... i can't even tell you how bad of an influence that is and their kids are young like 3 - 9 year old :(. I would honestly have a chat to your mum and tell her what she is doing isn't great and it's not a great example on you or other kids that are around her ether, she needs to stop acting like a teenager now, that time is over, she is being influenced too much by others around her.

    The fact she puts you down too even when she is sleeping around with other guys... that's hypcrytical and you really need to point that out... she is probably feeling like she wants to sleep around but doesn't want you to take example from her but that's not how it works... if she does these things young people are going to take example anyway... but you have a boyfriend and i trust you are going to be loyal to him... but she can't push you down incase you might go and cheat on him... if you would never do that then you have to get her to trust you that you won't be like her. Usually verbal communication doesn't go great in these situations so like i've told other people, write a letter to her, she may appricate you for the thought and effort you put into it.