I feel like we are drifting apart and it has only been a week back to school, Help?

My boyfriend and I haven't been together long and we are both freshmen in college. This coming fall we will be on the same campus, but right now, we are an hour apart. I feel like we talk less and less since we went back to school. I'm so afraid that it won't work out. We are both just so busy. How do long distance relationships work when the two people are so busy? I don't want this to fall apart. Any advice please?


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  • Honestly, do a nightly Skype call. That always worked for me, and I was long distance for 2 years. Tell each other about your days, do Skype netflix nights, find interesting things you enjoy to talk about. Most of all, make every effort to involve him in your life physically. Take the train, walk the miles, hitchhike if you have to lol. Seeing each other at least once a month is necessary, especially if you live only an hour away