Thoughs on trying to communicate with girls I know through social media? having some issues?

I'm having some issues with this and what frustrates me is these are girls I talk to in real life and when I see them in person we seem to communicate well but having a tough time making that same kind of connection online or keeping in touch with them when were not together in person.

so I've tried keeping in touch with these girls online , mostly on Twitter so far as I've been using that site a bit lately , I've added a few girls I knew from real life and they let me follow them but none followed me back or messaged me. and not really sure how to get there attention or if that site is an option to communicate with them or is a better one or if I should be asking for # more instead ? I tried Facebook before but had same problems and so not using it much anymore.


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  • Dude really keep it simple old school is far better you know them in person get their #s easy