Should you tell your former crush that you no longer like him?

A while back I really liked my guy friend, and I ended up telling him how I felt. But he never did anything with the information. And towards the end of the semester things stated feeling a bit strained between us.
Over break I did't see him, and during this time I accepted that he doesn't return my feelings, decided to really focus on the things that I love, and moved on with my life.
He's a nice guy, and if possible I would like to stay friends with him, but he probably still thinks that I like him. And I'm worried that that could make things awkward.
Should I tell him that I no longer like him?


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  • Let sleeping dogs, lie, sweetie, nothing to Explain, No Pain here, dear. If you have 'Moved on with your life' and your feelings have gone in another direction, by remaining friends and staying civil, not even batting a baby blue to him, will show this old dog some new tricks that when you snooze, you lose, and he will know that you have lost interest now.
    It may even be where curiosity kills the cat, and he may see that you are not putting yourself on a leash with him anymore. And if he happens to ask you about it, Answer him politely that you have thought it best to just 'Stay friends' so no hard feelings.
    He barked up the wrong tree with missing a chance with romance with maybe one amazing girl but it would be his problem, not his, and this way, I don't see anything 'Awkward,' nor even where you have landed yourself in his doghouse.
    Good luck... I hope you find someone who wants what you want. Bury this old bone and move and let yourself off the hook now. xx

  • Not at all. Like you said, just move on with your life. If you happen to be around him just treat him the same as you would any other guy.

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