How do I get my girl to show she cares?

So I've been with my girl for over a year, and she says she loves and cares about me, but almost never shows it, makes me her last priority, ignores me if we fucking pass by in the halls, never really gets lovey dovey anymore, she says its just not her thing but I do know her and I know she deep down loves that stuff how can I get her to show her emotions, i tried talking but she said I'm a selfish baby😞, I love her with all my heart and deep down, I believe she still does love me that much so how to get her to show it? She gets SO sweet when we cuddle and I love it so much^_^



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  • Actions speak louder then words.

    • But the rare times she's affectionate her actions are true to it, its just... now its rare for affection... sometimes tho

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  • Maybe to keep up a public persona. Ask her about it.