A guy that I like keeps trying to hook me up with other guys. Is he telling me that he isn't interested?

This is a similar situation to the question that a guy asked about a girl. His question was,"A girl that I like keeps trying to hook me up with other girls. Is she telling me that she isn't interested?"

Well, mine is with a guy. He was really hitting on me 3 months ago, but I was interested in someone else at the time he was doing this. What I do not understand is that he seemed like he was clueless in seeing that I was interested in someone else at the time, but he still kept on hitting on me.

Anyway, when that previous relationship fizzled, I started looking to him, but he seemed to have no interest in me anymore. Since then, we've been getting to know each other as friends.

Recently, I spoke with him about this past situation involving him, where he looked walleyed and seemingly surprised at my disappointed feelings of him backtracking instead of pursuing a relationship with me. He told me he was not interested in me, & that I had misunderstood his actions towards me.

But, now, he is talking about hooking me up with other guys, as well as going on about me dating & related goings on, like me taking a guy back to my place, & how my place should look, etc. He was looking at stuff I was looking at online, & started making fun of me saying that I was looking at romance novels, and he pretended that he was reading from a romance novel, saying out loud," As her buxom breasts heaved heavily against his manly chest..." Anyhow...
Once he asked me if there was a person I am interested in. I was too chicken to tell him who this person was. I had only told him that if it was a different time and place, this person & I would be seeing each other.

I get the impression that he is still interested, & that what I had told him about my disappointment in him not pursuing me surprised him, maybe in a good way.

So, what is he doing? He was also trying to hook me up 3 months ago with other people when I wasn't interested in him then. Thank you in advance!


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  • It sounds to me like, skeemad, that he doesn't 'Seemed to have no interest in me anymore' and by the time you realized by "I started to looking at him, things took another turn and Now-----Since then, we've been getting to know each another as friends.
    I believe that if he really wanted to get up with you, he would have told you straight out tha the did. Instead, he has set the record straight by being this Honest John with his feelings at this Point Out in time and that is why he is 'Talking about hooking me up with other guys...' He is trying to ease some of your 'Disappointment' and your possible heartache by being a true friend indeed and a friend in need now.
    Yes, he may be 'Surprised' when you told him about 'My disappointment,' but I am seeing More of it as being Flattered and him being now------Helpful.
    He sounds like a good friend that just wants you to be happy, whether you you like him or not Or---It or not.
    I am not saying it can't end up in Another direction where you both Get on the same page with your same thoughts and feelings someday. With this special friendship and chemistry that you have in 'Each Other,' by nursing and nurturing it and maybe taking him up on a guy or two to show him you are Not sitting around twiddling your thumbs for him, he may find this a Thumbs Up that he doesn't want to miss out on again.
    Good luck. xx

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