Sexual chemistry made known by guy, but now he's giving mixed signals. Should I ask him what's going on, or not?

I am not naive at all, but this one has me puzzled. This is a little embarrassing to admit, but we met on Tinder a week and a half ago. We live 3 hours apart. Ever since being connected on Tinder, we talk (randomly) every day through text and FaceTime most nights. We have so much in common... talked until the wee hours of the morning, communication was amazing, open, and honest, very much attracted to one another, our families are SO similar, and we passionately share the same morals/values. He asked me to come stay with him this past weekend, and he had plans in mind to take me on a date. This was the first time we had met. So, I ended up going... and we had so much fun together. He couldn't keep his hands off of me from the second I got there, and nor could I keep my hands off of him, and he was incredibly sweet, playful, and flirty ALL weekend. Needless to say, we ended up fooling around and having sex... even though we had agreed not to do anything like that yet. It was just too tempting for both of us... and the sexual chemistry was even better than I imagined. I had to leave Sunday afternoon, and he had made it clear that he wished I didn't have to leave, made comments on how much he had enjoyed the weekend with me, and hoped we could do it again. By this time, he was already addressing me as "babe". When he helped me take my bags to my car, he said he had dinner with his parents and didn't know how late it would last, but he would "maybe" call me after.. and he said it in a question-like way but then said, "Ok, I'll def call you". Weird. I left, got a text from him immediately saying how much fun he had with me and thanked me for coming. Didn't hear from him much that night, but he did text me to tell me family dinner had been cancelled b/c his dad fell outside on his back and was at the ER.

Later on, he called me and asked me how I was feeling (started feeling feverish before I left there) and I said I was still not feeling well, and asked how his dad was doing. He brushed it off, said no update, and then said he'd let me get some sleep and asked that I text him to let him know how I felt in the AM. I did and asked update on dad. No text back until late. FT him later, and talked for a few and his phone went dead. When came back on, he text me and said, "Sorry babe, phone went dead"
"I'll call you in a bit when phone charges, although I am completely worn out from not getting much sleep with my dad's stuff last night." I just decided to end the convo after a strange day with no communication and said I was about to go to sleep anyways, but I didn't even think he was concerned about his dad until now and I apologized for asking updates when we had texted. He said not to even apologize b/c that was normal to ask, and he appreciates me being "there" for him. Then he added,


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  • To me, it sounds like there is a lot going on with his dad and that's what most of this is about. My advice would be to wait a couple days, if it doesn't get better in terms of his communication with you then ask what is going on. It doesn't sound like he wants to talk about it, but you could maybe offer being there if he needs to vent.