Do you think a person should out that they have a lisp when online dating?

I've been online dating lately and nobody has commented on it yet, but I'm kinda scared they're going to soon. Am I technically lying by default since I'm not notifying a person beforehand that I have a lisp, slight that it is?

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  • Look... If you are talking to people online there is a risk by talking to someone that they are not all the say. OR there is a risk that you are going to tell them something and they are not trustworthy.

    So I think when talking to someone you just be very careful and slow in getting to know them, and as they prove more and more trustworthy AND you know something more could happen, then you slowly share with them more about yourself. They might learn something they don't like and run, or they might say no big deal.

    As you get to trust them, you guard your heart so that if the run you aren't terribly hurt. And one day if you get to meet them, and they still prove trustworthy, you slowly give your heart to them. (Assuming that is where you want to go.)

    Hope that makes sense. I am tired!


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